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Inverted retinas -- bad design?

19 Apr, 201400:59

Many claim that our eye's retinas are wired backwards. Thus, they say, our eyes could not have been specially designed, because an intelligent creator would have wired them correctly. But this claim doesn't make sense, after all, octopus retinas are wired in the supposedly correct way but their sight is poor compared to ours.

Ophthalmologist Dr Peter Gurney has shown there are good reasons our eyes are wired the way they are. In particular, it allows our photoreceptors to be in close contact with two special tissues necessary for regenerating the photoreceptors and absorbing excess heat. But these tissues are both opaque, so if our retinas were wired the other way you'd be trying to look through two opaque surfaces, which means you'd see nothing.

And the eagles have the same wiring as us and they are renowned for their eagle eyes. Maybe the creator got it right after all.

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