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Junk DNA? -- There's no such thing!

25 Apr, 201400:59

Many biologists have long touted that much of our DNA is useless junk. Richard Dawkins put it this way. "Can we measure the information capacity of that portion of the genome which is actually used? We can at least estimate it. In the case of the human genome it is about 2%"

Thus, to Dawkins, the other 98% of the genome was useless junk. But these statements are based on ignorance. Just because we aren't aware of the function of much of our DNA, does not mean it has no function. A recent paper in the prestigious journal of Nature has shown that about 93% of the human genome is used, not 2 or 3%, and further studies may raise this number to 100%

So the whole genome is probably used and there is no such thing as "Junk DNA." It's an idea that belongs in the trash can, as bible-believing scientists said when the idea was proposed.

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