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Lawyer jettisons Noah's Flood

07 Oct, 201601:01

Many people think that the biblical flood of Noah was abandoned because of the evidence. However, history tells a different story. Modern geological thought owes much to a man named Charles Lyell. Lyell, a lawyer, published a book in 1830 called Principles of Geology. Described as a "masterpiece of persuasion", it changed the way people thought about earth's past. According to Lyell, we should only appeal to today's geological processes to explain earth history. However, this approach meant that the global flood recorded in the Bible was automatically ruled out of consideration. Lyell wanted, he wrote, "to free the science [of geology] from Moses". Regrettably, many people have uncritically adopted Lyell's philosophy, without considering how Noah’s flood can help us understand earth history. Lyell changed the way many people think, but his approach was motivated by his anti-biblical philosophy, not an objective study of the evidence. Indeed, it is very difficult to explain earth's history without Noah's Flood.

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