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Living things are designed to diversify

09 Sep, 201501:01

Did you know that animals have genetic switches? These are regulatory regions of DNA that control the genes. Scientists have noticed that dramatic things can happen when a genetic switch is mutated. For instance, a mutated genetic switch can dramatically alter the appearance of stickleback fish, or generate a great variety of coat colours in animals.
Veterinary researcher Dr Jean Lightner has suggested that God may have created genetic switches to facilitate variation, the switches having been created with a propensity to mutate without negatively affecting other traits. Modifications to genetic switches are not examples of ‘evolution in action’, even though they often are spoken of in that manner. Indeed, these changes don’t involve new information—new genes—arising, and evolutionists cannot explain the existence of the genetic switches in the first place!
The more we learn about the complexity of genomes, the more they point to a super-intelligent master programmer.

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