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Marine Fossils on Mount Everest

05 Aug, 202301:01

What do marine fossils on the top of Mount Everest tell us about the Biblical Flood? Well, we find fossils of marine creatures in limestone near the summit, which means that this area must have been under the sea in the past. Everyone agrees that the top of Everest was once under the sea. However, many people do not associate these rocks and fossils with Noah's Flood because they think there is not enough water to cover the highest mountains. However, they are not considering how the Flood changed the earth's topography.
The mountain ranges formed at the end of the Flood. With vertical earth movements towards the end of the flood, the mountains rose and the water flowed off the continents into the newly formed oceans basins. Indeed, such mountains must have formed quickly and recently, otherwise they would have eroded as quickly as they formed. That's why we have marine fossils at the tops of high mountains.

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