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Mass extinction points to Noah's Flood

02 Dec, 201601:01

Most people have heard about the meteorite that hit the earth and supposedly caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Secular geologists refer to this as the K/T extinction, and they regard it as one of the most significant mass extinctions, according to their deep-time view of earth history.
However, did you know that the secular geologists have identified seven other mass extinctions in the portion of the geological record that contains complex plant and animal life? This shows that scientists are increasingly recognising the catastrophic nature of the geologic record. This goes against old ideas of only slow-and-gradual processes being responsible for all the rocks and fossils. These new perspectives are much more in line with a Biblical view of earth history, whereby Noah’s flood wiped out all air-breathing land animals not on the Ark. No, there were not eight mass extinctions in earth history—but there certainly was one massive extinction event!

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