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Monkey Madness - could monkeys ever type out Shakespeare?

30 May, 201301:01

It has long been claimed that monkeys typing randomly could eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare. Plymouth University researchers recently installed a computer in a monkey enclosure to see what would happen.

After a month the 6 monkeys in question had produced 5 pages of indecipherable text. This result isn't surprising, though, because the monkeys mainly used the computer as a toilet and trampoline.

This ridiculous 'research' reminds me of the mathematician Sir Fred Hoyle's analogy to illustrate the likelihood a single bio-polymer, necessary for life, arising by chance; without a Creator. He likened it to 100,000 billion, billion, billion, billion, billion blind people each solving a Rubix cube puzzle simultaneously. And this is just one bio-polymer. The simplest life forms have hundreds of bio-polymers.

Despite these odds, however, many people insist life arose by chance because they don't like the idea of a Creator.

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