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Mud and the Flood

28 May, 201301:00

Who would have ever thought that too much mud could supposedly disprove the Bible? Well, mudstone—which is rock formed from mud—makes up a huge percentage of earth's sedimentary rocks. And many allege that this invalidates the biblical account of a global flood.

Mud forms when very fine particles settle to the bottom in water. Geologists say that calm water conditions are required for this settling process to occur. Therefore, whenever they encounter mud deposits, they interpret them as forming in tranquil water environments.

But the biblical flood would have been catastrophic—not tranquil—and that's why many say the flood can't account for mud deposits.

But recent research published in the prestigious journal Science has turned this argument on its head. The researchers showed that mud deposits from rapidly flowing water.

One of the researchers wrote: 'mudstone science is poised for a paradigm shift.'

Once again, science catches up with the Bible.

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