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Neandertal genome confirms they were human

09 Dec, 201601:01

Ever since the discovery of the first Neandertal remains in 1856, scientists have debated how to classify these mysterious, quite human-like creatures. Until recently, many evolutionists were confident that Neandertals were not fully human and they regarded them as a sub-human species called Homo neanderthalensis.
However, recent genetic research shows that modern humans and Neandertals interbred, suggesting that Neandertals and people living today should be classified as the same species. After sequencing the Neandertal genome, the world's leading authority on 'ancient' DNA, Svante Paäbo, concluded: "Many would say that a species is a group of organisms that can produce fertile offspring with each other and cannot do so with members of other groups. From that perspective we had shown that Neandertals and modern humans were the same species." Neandertals were humans, not ape-men, contrary to 150 years of story-telling. To find out more from Creation Ministries International visit our website Creation.com

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