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Neanderthal Man looks like you and me

23 May, 201300:59

Every time I hear of Neandertal man, I cannot help but feel sorry for the poor guy. Initially reconstructed to look like some apish brute, it took 44 years before a reanalysis of the fossils revealed that Neandertal man's anatomy was very similar to yours and mine.

Neandertals buried their dead—which isn't the sort of behaviour you'd expect from an animal. What's more, discoveries of ornaments, tools and stone-tipped spears reveal a high level of sophistication. Neandertals made their own superglue from pitch and flute-like structures found with their remains suggest they enjoyed music.

But what did Neandertal man really look like? In recent years researchers have answered this question by using computerised reconstructions, commonly used in forensic science. These studies show that Neandertal Man looked remarkably similar to you and me. If he was dressed in a suit and walked past you in the street, you probably would not notice him.

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