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Noah's Ark -- the size of the ark

19 Mar, 201200:55

Many people have seen a depiction of Noah's Ark that looks like a big cartoon boat with animals bulging from its hull and giraffes sticking out of the top. Depicted like that it seems more like a fairy tale than a real historical event.

According to the description in Genesis 6 the ark measured around 450 Ft long, 75 Ft Wide and 45 Ft High, so its volume was about one and a half million cubic feet!

This is the equivalent volume of over 500 railroad stock cars, each of which can hold 240 sheep. Calculations suggest that the average size of the animals on the ark was about the size of a sheep and that 16,000 or less were needed to repopulate the species after the flood. The ark was well designed for its intended purpose.

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