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Plimer's Famous 1988 Electricity Stunt

12 Mar, 201004:54

http://creation.com In 1988, Ian Plimer, then employed by the University of Newcastle, Australia, debated Duane Gish at the University of New South Wales. Gish described it as one of the most disgusting performances he had seen. The Creation Science Foundation (CSF) noted that: "Even a sympathetic [to Plimer] news report in The Sydney Morning Herald (June 25, 1988, p. 74) talked about the fact that Plimer's talk was blistering, that he mocked and ridiculed, that he was aiming for his opponent's kneecaps and that much of what he said in the Gish debate cannot be repeated for legal reasons."

Evolutionist Jim Lippard has taken Plimer to task in a number of articles, including in the NCSE's magazine Creation/Evolution in an article titled "How not to argue with creationists". He describes the debate with Gish thus: "Plimer, rather than treating the event as an academic debate, used the occasion to abuse and ridicule Gish--at one point even offering Gish a chance to electrocute himself on bare wires to demonstrate that electricity is 'mere theory.' The mostly creationist audience was not amused."

The ICR (Acts & Facts 1988) characterized Plimer's behavior as "by far the worst behavior ever encountered by Dr. Gish." http://creation.com

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