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Granite formed quickly?

02 May, 201301:00

People with granite bench tops in their kitchens are usually very proud of them, never failing to show them off to visitors. But that's not surprising—serving up dinner on a surface that was supposedly millions of years in the making carries a certain aura about it.

But in a recent paper, published in the Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, granite specialist John Clemens stated, 'just about everything that was taught as recently as ten years ago about granitic magmatism has been turned on its head'.

He then described how granites can form quickly. He concluded that granites belong with an increasing number of geological processes that were, 'catastrophic in their suddenness'.

This eliminates yet another reason not to believe the Bible's timescale.

While this is certainly a dramatically different view of how granites form, be sensitive when telling your friends with granite bench tops, because they might find this research pretty deflating.

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