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Carbon14 in dinosaur bones? It shouldn't be there!

05 Jan, 201801:00

How would our view of dinosaurs change if scientists found carbon 14 in their bones?
Well, a group of geophysicists claimed to have discovered exactly that—carbon 14 in dinosaur bones! This is indeed a shocking proposal for those who believe that the last dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, because carbon 14 decays so fast that it could not possibly survive that long. There should not be one atom of carbon 14 present in dinosaur bones, if they really are as old as is usually claimed. After going to great lengths to rule out contamination, the researchers concluded that they had indeed found carbon 14 in dinosaur bone.
These results seriously undermine the evolutionary story of long ages of earth history. However, they fit nicely with Biblical history, whereby dinosaurs lived only thousands of years ago, with their fossils forming from animals buried during Noah’s Flood.

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