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Red Centre: Glen Helen Gorge, Northern Territory, Australia

11 May, 201601:17

130 km west of Alice Springs, Glen Helen Homestead is popular among tourists exploring the Red Centre. The lodge sits alongside towering sandstone cliffs that form part of the West MacDonnell Ranges. It also sits on the Finke River, which, surprisingly, flows straight through the sandstone wall, forming Glen Helen Gorge, a feature called a water gap.

People wonder how the Finke River carved through the gorge. It only flows occasionally because the country is dry. Mostly there are just a few waterholes along its length. If the landscape had eroded slowly over eons of time the river would now flow around the barrier instead of through it. The gorge had to be cut first by something we don’t see happening today. That something was Noah’s Flood, which ended about 4,500 years ago.

Understanding Noah’s Flood changes how you look at the world, and how you see your place in it.

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