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Red Centre: Honeymoon Gap, Northern Territory, Australia

11 May, 201601:15

Honeymoon Gap, not far from Alice Springs, is a water gap that passes through a low ridge in the MacDonnell Ranges. Honeymoon Gap, as with the myriad of other gaps in the Red Centre, was formed in the second half of Noah’s Flood, as the flood waters were receding.

Sedimentary strata are visible in the end of the ridge. They indicate the sediment was deposited from fast-flowing water. The sediments cover a large geographical extent. Cross beds in the strata point to the depth of the water, its speed, and flow direction.

The strata are sloped at an angle because they were pushed around after they were deposited. The strata once extended far above the present land surface before being eroded away. They still extend underground.

Honeymoon Gap gives dramatic insight of how Noah’s Flood unfolded on the earth.

Understanding Noah’s Flood changes how you look at the world, and how you see your place in it.

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