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Red Centre: MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory, Australia

11 May, 201601:10

The MacDonnell Ranges are a series of ridges that run 650km across Central Australia. They consist of sedimentary rock strata that have been tipped on end. As you travel across the ridges from north to south, you are moving up the sequence from deepest to shallowest.

These sediments were laid down early in Noah’s Flood as the initial floodwaters spread abundant sediment over an enormous area. The Flood water continually rose until a depth of 10 km of sediment was deposited. Then earth movements tipped the rocks on end and metamorphosed them.

The ridges run in straight, parallel lines, showing there was not much time between the deposition of one rock formation and the next. Otherwise the contacts would have been highly irregular, like the present-day surface of the landscape.

Understanding Noah’s Flood changes how you look at the world, and how you see your place in it.

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