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Red Centre: Ormiston Gorge, Northern Territory, Australia

11 May, 201601:24

Ormiston Gorge in Central Australia is a water gap that cuts through the MacDonnell Ranges.

Its western escarpment rises 300m, indicating how much of the range has been eroded away. Water gaps are a tell-tale signature of Noah’s Flood, carved when the floodwaters flowed off the continents into the oceans. When Ormiston Creek flows today it uses the water course carved at that time.

Rocks and boulders fallen from the cliffs have formed an apron of debris at the foot of the gorge. However, the size of the apron is small compared with the size of the gorge. If the gorge was eroded over millions of years it would be full of debris. Its absence indicates the gorge was carved recently, consistent with the timing of Noah’s Flood.

These rocks demonstrate the enormous energy of the cataclysmic event that engulfed the earth some 4,500 years ago.

Understanding Noah’s Flood changes how you look at the world, and how you see your place in it.

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