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Ribosome: the "most sophistcated machine ever made"

20 Mar, 201901:02

Did you know that the germs in your intestines have sophisticated machines inside of them? Like all living things, E. coli bacteria contain DNA, which requires sophisticated machinery to read the DNA and turn the information into proteins, which are the major components of all living things.

One of the key machines involved is the ribosome. According to the world’s leading science journal Nature: “The ribosome, together with its accessories, is probably the most sophisticated machine ever made. All of its components are active and moving, and it is environmentally friendly…”

Ribosomes, however, are not just stunning examples of nanotechnology—they also seriously undermine the idea that life arose spontaneously. Life is not possible without ribosomes, so if a hypothetical first living cell arose spontaneously, this means ribosomes must have arisen spontaneously also. Call me a skeptic if you like, but the idea that sophisticated machines can arise without a designer sounds like a fairy tale.

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