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SETI -- not able to recognize intelligent life?

18 Apr, 201300:59

For many years, radio telescopes have been scanning the heavens as part of a program known as SETI. SETI stands for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

They hope that one day they'll stumble across a coded message—or information—from outer space. Then we'll know for sure that there's intelligent life 'out there', because only an intelligent being could have sent such a coded message.

The irony is that SETI enthusiasts are inconsistent in the way they use this criterion. If they swapped their radio telescopes for a molecular biology lab and considered DNA, they'd discover encyclopedic quantities of coded information. Yet if someone suggests this coded information points to an intelligent source, they are dismissed as an idiot.

The SETI program recognizes that only intelligent minds can produce complex coded messages. Why is the DNA information in living things treated differently? Is it because the intelligence responsible must be the Creator-God of the Bible?

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