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The whites of their eyes - How Hollywood makes apes look human

09 Mar, 201801:00

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a recent Hollywood movie that depicts a fictitious world ruled by advanced apes. Through cutting-edge computer graphics, producers have created apes that possess many humanlike qualities. One of the techniques they’ve used to make the apes more humanlike is quite simple. One of the distinctive features of human eyes is our white sclera. Apes, however, do not have whites in their eyes—their sclera is brown or black. This might sound like a subtle difference, but if an artist depicts an ape with a white sclera, they look much more human. Indeed, this technique has been used for years to indoctrinate the public with alleged evolutionary ancestors. Soft tissues, like eyeballs, don’t fossilize. So when an artist draws an alleged ape-man ancestor with whites in its eyes—that’s purely based on speculation! National Geographic magazine has been using this trick for years.
Who knows how many people have been fooled by it? To find out more from Creation Ministries International visit our website creation.com

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