Thorns – post-Fall or millions of years old?

01:0016 Feb, 2018

What's the connection between the Bible's history and spiny plant fossils buried deep in the fossil record? Well, from a biblical perspective, thorns arose after the first humans sinned, at the time called “the Fall”. Therefore, these plants with thorns must have lived—and been fossilised—after the Fall. However, according to conventional geology, these fossils are in so-called Devonian rocks, which are allegedly over 360 million years old.
Does this mean that the Bible’s history regarding thorns is wrong? No, the problem is that conventional geology ignores how the global flood of Noah profoundly affected earth’s sedimentary rock record. Such a cataclysm would have laid down vast sedimentary layers, including the ones deep in the fossil record containing thorns, after the Fall.
The fossil record, therefore, is not a record of evolutionary earth history, but is mostly the result of the biblical flood and its aftermath. Therefore, the Bible is correct when it tells us that thorns arose after the Fall.

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