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Three Reasons Dinosaurs Can’t be Old!

11 Oct, 202328:00

Dinosaurs have long been used to popularise the idea that life on Earth has been evolving for hundreds of millions of years. Almost from the cradle, people are taught about ‘the age of the dinosaurs’, which is said to have ended over 65 million years ago—LONG before humans evolved.

But what if this account is all wrong? What if there is evidence that dinosaur fossils are MUCH younger than claimed—and that these fascinating creatures shared the Earth with humans?!

This would upset the entire evolutionary understanding of the fossil record! However, it would be perfectly consistent with the biblical account of history.

Join Dr Don Batten for a discussion of evidence which shows that dinosaurs CAN’T be old.


  • 00:00 Introduction: Dinosaurs aren’t millions of years old!
  • 01:39 Evidence 1: Soft tissue in dinosaur bones
  • 02:03 → 1.1 Counter claim (debunked): “It’s just biofilm, produced after the fact”
  • 03:54 → 1.2 Experimental evidence shows soft tissue can’t last that long
  • 04:44 → 1.3 Counter claim (debunked): “Iron may have helped preserve the soft tissue”
  • 05:32 → 1.4 Counter claim (debunked): “The toast idea”
  • 06:26 → 1.5 More contradictory evidence: Ancient bacteria and DNA
  • 08:02 Evidence 2: Historical evidence of dinosaurs being seen by people
  • 08:20 → 2.1: Stegosaur-like carving in Cambodia (over 900 years old)
  • 08:53 → 2.2: Sauropod-like etching on Bishop Bell’s tomb (over 500 years old)
  • 10:17 → 2.3: Sauropod-like etching on ancient Mesopotamian seal
  • 10:49 → 2.4: Much more evidence in the book ‘Dire Dragons’
  • 11:32 → 2.5: Movies and museums have indoctrinated people with the idea of a prehistoric ‘age of dinosaurs’
  • 13:02 Evidence 3: The Bible’s account of history includes dinosaurs
  • 13:09 → 3.1: Dinosaurs were created on Day 6, along with mankind
  • 13:56 → 3.2: Behemoth in the book of Job: A huge sauropod?
  • 17:21 → 3.3: Leviathan in the book of Job: Something like a sarcosuchus?
  • 18:16 Dinosaurs are real; they’re not myth!
  • 19:03 Rapid-fire questions and answers
  • 26:07 Conclusion: Reevaluating dinosaurs leads people to reevaluate their entire view of origins!


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