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Upside down geological column

08 Jul, 201601:01

Did you know that part of the geological column is found upside-down in Pakistan? At the foot of the Karakorum Mountains, in the Salt Range Formation, scientists have discovered fossilized plants and insects. From an evolutionary perspective, these remains belong to the upper part of the geological column. However, this formation lies beneath Cambrian rocks, which are supposedly over 400 million years older. So why are the fossils of more complex life buried below fossils considered much more primitive? This is a vexing evolutionary problem. Discoveries such as these support the biblical version of earth history, whereby the geological column is primarily a consequence of the global flood and its aftermath. It is no surprise that there is some order in the fossil record, such as sea creatures buried beneath land creatures, and mobile creatures such as birds near the top. But, as the Salt Range Formation testifies, the ordered charts that adorn textbooks aren’t necessarily what we find in the field.

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