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Whale Fossils in the Desert - Evidence for a Worldwide Flood?

27 Sep, 202334:39

How did 80 whales end up fossilized in the Chilean desert? What sort of conditions led to them: i) Swimming there in the first place, and ii) Getting RAPIDLY and DEEPLY buried so that they would fossilize?

Can evolutionary history supply a satisfactory explanation for this—as well as the many other marine fossil graveyards all over the world? Or does the global Flood described in the Bible supply the best explanation for the evidence?

And if the biblical Flood (or something like it) is, indeed a good explanation, why don’t geologists talk about it in the mainstream science journals?

Get answers to these questions and more in this discussion with creationist geologist, Dr Tas Walker!


  • 00:00 Teaser
  • 00:26 Introduction: Whale fossil graveyard found in the Chilean desert!
  • 01:15 How did the whales get there? Evolutionary explanations are insufficient
  • 05:12 How did the whales get buried (rapidly and deeply) so they could fossilize?
  • 06:03 → The case of the whale that WOULDN’T sink!
  • 09:01 → Scientists know a catastrophe was needed—but can't say “Noah's Flood”
  • 10:40 How the creationist Flood model explains the evidence
  • 14:34 The Bible is the basis for the creationist model
  • 16:47 Recap: The importance of rapid burial for fossilization
  • 19:05 Fossil graveyards are evidence for the reliability of the Bible
  • 20:05 Marine fossils are everywhere
  • 23:56 The conclusion of a global flood is powerful—but not allowed in academia
  • 27:35 The parallels between salvation through Jesus and through Noah’s Flood
  • 28:48 Quick questions about the global Flood
  • 33:18 Conclusion: Whale fossils in the desert affirm the Bible’s account of history


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