Who Created God?

27:2530 Aug, 2023

‘Who created God?’ is an age-old question. Children sometimes ask it because they’re curious. But atheists more commonly ask it because they think it is a ‘gotcha’ question for Christians.

So, is it really a ‘gotcha’ question? Does God—like everything else in the universe—need a cause? Or have atheists made an error in logic in assuming this?

As Dr Don Batten explains, ‘Who created God?’ has a simple, logical answer—so Christians have no need to be intimidated! On the other hand, atheists have some explaining of their own to do when it comes to first causes!


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:53 Why do atheists ask ‘Who created God?’
  • 04:40 The universe has a beginning, so needs a cause
  • 06:28 How do atheists deal with the need for a first cause?
  • 09:11 Why a supernatural cause (i.e. God) is a logical explanation
  • 14:07 Why believe in the God of the Bible, as opposed to any other god?
  • 17:16 Why belief in the biblical God was foundational to modern science
  • 20:50 Rapid-fire questions and answers about God
  • 26:49 Conclusion: “I don’t believe in a God who was created!”


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