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Why Darwinism is Not a Testable Scientific Theory

03 Jul, 202425:12

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There is an often-repeated assertion that evolution is scientific fact, while the Bible’s account of creation is mere religious stories or myths. However, it might be surprising to learn that there is some ‘storytelling’ included in the paradigm of evolution.

You see, scientists from the evolutionary and creation paradigm both start from a particular worldview. And the worldview drives their interpretation of the facts. An evolutionary bias results in a natural focus on their presumption which leads to interpretations that ignore scientific evidence that supports biblical creation.

In this discussion you will learn how the very nature of real science gives us a better understanding of why scientists come to very opposing conclusions. You’ll also get a taste of some simple scientific facts that stand in complete opposition to that idea that evolution is a scientific fact. You see, believing the Bible is not a ‘blind faith’.

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