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Why the Earth Can’t be Old!

07 Aug, 202351:30

Is the Earth 4.5 billion years old? How can we measure age with certainty? What about radiometric dating methods—don’t they prove millions and billions of years? Does the age of the Earth even matter?

Dr Mark Harwood discusses these topics and more, focusing especially on why an old Earth sits in conflict with the Bible, while also providing evidence for a younger age of the Earth.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:48 Mark’s story: How origins affected his faith (An old Earth undermines the Gospel narrative)
  • 11:11 How do we determine the age of something? (You can't measure age!)
  • 13:32 The dripping tap example (Dating methods rely on assumptions!)
  • 16:17 Radiometric dates aren’t definitive – assumptions rule
  • 19:51 The importance of witness testimony
  • 23:36 The importance of worldview / starting assumptions
  • 26:24 So, how old is the Earth?
  • 28:58 Evidence from radiometric dating / rocks
  • 36:04 Evidence from sedimentation / erosion
  • 37:41 Evidence from our solar system
  • 40:09 Evidence from Earth’s population
  • 41:43 Evidence from carbon-14 in fossils
  • 43:28 Summary: You can’t measure age! (Everything depends on your assumptions!)
  • 46:29 An old Earth calls God’s character into question
  • 48:47 An old Earth calls the inerrancy of Scripture into question
  • 50:38 Conclusion: Three reasons the age of the Earth matters to a Christian


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