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Will Scientists EVER Find Earth 2.0?

25 Oct, 202334:36

Is Earth really the only planet in our vast universe that supports life? After all, there are trillions of other stars out there—and the number of planets is likely to be huge!

For those who believe that everything created itself by natural processes, this is almost unthinkable. But for those who believe the Bible’s account of origins, it makes perfect sense.

The question is, what does the evidence say?

Join Dr Mark Harwood (who played a key role in the development of Australia’s national satellite system) for a discussion of exoplanets: What are they? How do astronomers find them? And above all, what would it take for one of them to become a contender to be ‘Earth 2.0’?


  • 00:00 Introduction: What are exoplanets?
  • 01:41 How are exoplanets detected?
  • 03:20 How many exoplanets have been discovered?
  • 03:45 Why are secular scientists so eager to find more exoplanets?
  • 05:56 What is the ‘habitable zone’? Life’s need for liquid water
  • 07:38 Earth 2.0?
  • 08:36 Life-supporting features of Earth 1.0
  • 09:07 → Earth spins (it isn’t ‘tidally locked’)
  • 09:57 → Earth is tilted (causing annual seasons)
  • 10:42 → Earth has an atmosphere
  • 11:00 → Earth has a very friendly sun (it’s unique!)
  • 13:24 Exoplanets invalidate the nebular hypothesis of solar system formation!
  • Life-supporting features of Earth 1.0, continued
  • 16:05 → Earth has a unique moon
  • 17:33 → The moon’s origin: Secular science can’t explain it
  • 21:51 Rapid-fire questions and answers about exoplanets
  • 30:09 Might we one day find sentient life ‘out there’?
  • 31:30 → Biblical reasons we won’t find alien life
  • 33:41 Conclusion: The search for Earth 2.0 shows how uniquely DESIGNED for life Earth 1.0 is!


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