Scientific evidence, myths and challenges

Stop press! The arrangements for the seminar in Hervey Bay have changed. It is no longer going to be at the university. Details of an alternative venue are provided below.

In today’s society, evolution is widely regarded as the authoritative theory of origins. Currently, there is public debate about whether Creation should be taught in schools, and some even seek to prohibit it. A common assertion is that evolution is scientific and factual, while Creation is mythical and religious.

This special event was planned to give an opportunity for an alternative point of view to be aired. Dr Don Batten, a biologist, & Dr Tas Walker, a geologist, will challenge society’s largely uncritical commitment to the theory of evolution.

In the one day seminar Dr Don Batten & Dr Tas Walker will argue that conventional thinking about evolution is seriously flawed. They will present scientific evidence that lends support to Creation as an alternative explanation of our origins.

Some of the questions they will be addressing are:

  • Is the fish really our ancestor?
  • Are we just a bag of chemicals?
  • Should school science lessons focus on evolution?
  • Is the world really millions of years old?
  • Would the evolution arguments stack up in a court of law?

Who should attend?

Science teachers
University & high school students
Church members
General public interested in human origins

Date: Saturday 13 November 2010
Time: 9.30am–4.00pm
Where: Fraser Coast Baptist Church,
Lot 2 Urraween Rd
Adults $20.00
Students/seniors $15.00

Price includes coffee on arrival & BBQ lunch

Payment method: Credit Card (AMEX, Mastercard or Visa) or send in a cheque.
For further information or to book: Please call the CMI Office on 07 3340 9888 before 2.00pm Friday 12 November. After 2.00pm please call Lorelle on 0419 837 811.

Bookings essential.

Limited places. Please book early to avoid disappointment and to help with planning.