Why Functional Creation is Deeply Flawed
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Why Functional Creation is Deeply Flawed

Published: March 10, 2022 - Duration: 26:37

Old Testament scholar John H. Walton has argued that modern readers have misunderstood the true meaning of Genesis 1. Given its ancient Near Eastern context, Walton says the creation account is not about God making material objects, but merely assigning functions. On this basis he sees no conflict between Genesis and evolution. In this episode, Keaton Halley and Joel Tay offer reasons why both Genesis and other ancient texts do not support Walton’s interpretation. So theistic evolutionists should find no refuge in Walton’s claims.

This episode features Joel Tay and Dr Robert Carter. Creation.com Talk is produced by Joseph Darnell out of the CMI-USA studios. Become a monthly contributor at our donate page. Share your thoughts in the comments and share the video with your friends!

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