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Dinosaur tracks have been found all over the world, but curiously, these track ways are almost always straight. Usually, when animals are relaxed, they meander around in all directions. But if they’re frightened, they tend to move fast in one direction. So why do dinosaur tracks suggest they were panicking when they made the footprints?
The global flood recorded in the Bible provides a compelling answer. As the waters rose during Noah’s Flood, various mechanisms—such as tidal movements of the water—caused flood-laid sediments to be briefly exposed. This allowed dinosaurs that had previously been caught up in the currents, to make tracks on the freshly-laid sediments, before the sediments were inundated again.
Thus dinosaurs were experiencing global panic when they made their footprints, and that explains why their track ways are so often straight. The preservation of tracks also requires their rapid burial—as would happen in the Flood. To find out more from Creation Ministries International visit our website creation.com

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