Made in God's Image

For a long time we've been told that human and chimp DNA is over 98% identical, but even though this figure has now been revised to 95% or less, does that mean that chimps are 95% human?

Surprising as it may seem, 99% of mouse genes are present in human DNA—yet no one would consider a mouse 99% human.

And humans also share about 50% of our DNA with bananas, but that doesn't mean we're half bananas.

Humans are undoubtedly unique. An evolutionary scientist conceded this when he wrote: 'A physical and mental chasm separates us from all other living creatures. There is no other bipedal mammal. No other mammal controls and uses fire, writes books, travels in space, paints portraits or prays.'

But the Bible tells us of the most distinguishing human characteristic of all—humans are made in God's image. And that makes us rather special!

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