How Certain Are Your Agnostic Friends?

07 Mar, 202410:06

When faced with challenges about the Bible and God, some say, “I don’t know”, or “We can’t know”, and still others, “I don’t want to know, please leave me alone.” Those who give the second and third answers are not being very agnostic about their agnosticism! The Bible is clear that the opposite of faith is doubt and unbelief, whether or not such a person expresses that doubt in outright denial (atheism) or agnosticism. In conversations where Christians are witnessing to non-believing friends, it is fair to say that both the “don’t know” and “can’t know” retorts are a cop out. They are poor excuses, attempts to disguise the fact that people simply wish to avoid committing themselves. However, the truth really does matter because people matter!

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🕰️ Timestamps

0:00 Introduction
0:17 How certain are you about agnosticism?
2:21 Agnosticism and blindness
3:33 It's unsafe to be sure
5:47 Creation apologetics
8:36 Promo
9:25 Wrap Up

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