2019 Dinosaurs and Fossils Tour with Keaton Halley

Friday August 9 – Sunday August 18, 2019

As part of CMI’s summer outreach, dynamic and passionate
speaker Keaton Halley will ‘hit-the-road’ touring TN & NC from
Friday August 9 – Sunday August 18, 2019.

Photo of Keaton HalleyKeaton has a great love for teaching on creation and the authority of scripture.
Now you can bring Keaton to your church this summer!
Simply contact us or call 800-616-1264 ext. 205 to book your event.

Families will be totally fascinated with the life-sized model dinosaur head and the variety of interesting fossils Keaton brings to your event.

Find out how:

  • To give a logical and reasonable defense of the Christian faith.
  • To immunize your family against the prevailing evolutionary indoctrination in our society.
  • To help prevent the tragic exodus of young people from the church.
  • Beliefs about where we came from determine your overall worldview, your behavior, and where you think we go when we die.
  • A biblical worldview, including six-day creation only 6,000 years ago, is a strong defensible scientific alternative to the prevailing evolutionary model.

Map of locations

Tour Program

To inquire about hosting a meeting with CMI–US feel free to contact us or phone our ministry department at 1-800-616-1264 ext. 205. An extensive range of creation resources will be available at all meetings.