5 Reasons the Bible is the Only True Holy Book

17 Jan, 202448:06

There are many religions in the world, and many holy books. Even a cursory examination shows that they do not agree with each other. Clearly, they can’t all be right. So, are they all wrong? Are any of them right? How would we be able to tell?

Christians claim that the Bible is the one true, written revelation from God. That’s a big claim! Can the claim be tested? What’s the evidence?

Dr Mark Harwood says the Bible can, indeed, be both tested and trusted. Join the conversation as he provides evidence from five different areas: perfectly fulfilled prophecies, observations of the world around us are consistent with the Bible, the Bible has a unified message (though written by 40 authors over 1,500+ years), the Bible is inerrant, the impact of the Bible on people’s lives

And if the Bible is true, how should we respond?

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