19 May, 202203:05:39

As popularized by the New Atheist movement, atheists prefer the definition of “atheism” as “lacking belief in god(s)”. So, meet atheists on their own ground: if they want to define atheism as a mere lack of God belief, grant it and continue the discussion. Then, make them see whence their position comes and where it leads.

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  • Ascention by Lance Conrad
  • Worlds Apart by Lance Conrad
  • Ambient via Storyblocks
  • Ambient Water by Lance Conrad
  • Omniverse by Emanuele Dentoni
  • Classical Orchestra Story Music Trailer by Jeff Hanley
  • Moving Emotional Piano Hero by Daniel Bordovsky
  • Calming Ombre by Lance Conrad
  • Introitus by Eliche Remblon and Michele Nobler
  • Lullaby After the Battle by Emanuele Dentoni
  • Forget Love by Tunc Alicioglu
  • Ambient Chill Background by Volodymyr Piddubnyk
  • Home by Jason Donelly
  • Ambient Cave by Lance Conrad
  • Ain’t No Right by
  • Aeroplane by
  • Moving Emotional Piano Hero Daniel Bordovsky
  • Contemplative by Amber Waldron
  • Memories Gone by Lance Conrad
  • Winds of Reykjavik by Lance Conrad
  • Hibernation by Lance Conrad
  • Cold Aegean Waters by Lance Conrad
  • Mangrove Swallow by Lance Conrad
  • Toward the Horizon by Ken Elkinson
  • Circularity by Emanuele Dentoni
  • Rising by Roman Smirnov
  • In My Heart by Sander Kalmeijer
  • At Home by Lance Conrad
  • Hope Is Here Instrumental by Lance Conrad
  • Beautifully by Denis Kotenko
  • Nuis Bleu by Lance Conrad
  • Beyond Galaxies by Nir Ben Ami
  • The Natural Ambient by Simon Sharp
  • Cinematic Beautiful Lush Real by Jeff Hanley
  • Multitudes by Lance Conrad
  • Deep Meditation by Velimir Andreev
  • Unlocking the Past by Ceiri Torjussen
  • Golden Woodwinds by Lance Conrad
  • Easy Hike by Diego Martinez
  • The Real Mystery by Neil Cross
  • Riders by Sleeping Ghost
  • The Great Dictator by Martino Tempesta
  • Turning Back the Clock by Lance Conrad
  • Intrigue & Mystery by Jonathan Mogavero
  • Depths of Azure by Lance Conrad
  • Gateway to Heaven by Ilya Kaplan and Stan Fomin
  • Winds of Change by Lance Conrad
  • Double Helix by Zac Nelson
  • Hibernation by Lance Conrad
  • Patience by Jonathan Mogavero
  • The Other Side by Adrian Berenguer
  • Fairytale Female Vocal by Velimir Andreev
  • Northern Lights by Valentina Gribanova
  • Aphotic Undercurrent by Lance Conrad
  • Blue Aukai by Lance Conrad
  • Hanging On To Hope by Jonathan Mogavero

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