Created or Evolved?

20 Apr, 202137:06

It surprises many that there are an increasing number of voices speaking out against evolution. They say we are not evolved, but created. It’s even more of a surprise to discover many of those voices are from leading scientists across a range of disciplines. Not only are they pointing out the flaws in evolutionary theory, but they’re also showing that the evidence around us fits with the Bible’s account of the past, not evolution.

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Original article Created or Evolved?
Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
The ATP Synthase Enzyme (Video)
The Kinesin Linear Motor (Video)
Protein Synthasis, DNA Translation, M-RNA Transcription (Video)
Peacock Feathers Make Darwin Sick (Video)
The Mystery of Our Declining Genes, featuring Dr John Sanford (Video)
Richard Dawkins Stumped by Creationists’ Questions (Video)
Does Our DNA Show We Came From Apes? featuring Dr Jonathan Sarfati (Video)
Stasis - ANother Problem for Evolution from the Fossil Record (Video)
Polystrate Fossils - Evidence Against Millions of Years (Video)
Ape Men? (Video)
Blood in Unfossilized Dinisaur Bone (Video)
T-rex Red Blood Cells (Video)
Death Throes - Dinosaur Fossil Posture Suggests Asphyxiation (Video)
Supernovas (Video)
“What is Science?” Featuring Dr Jonathan Sarfati (Video)
Noah’a Ark - Judgment on Sin (Video)
Billions of years? Appraising the dangers
Answering Grandma Mildred
Philosophical arguments for God
Football banana-throwing racism

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The Things You Cannot Control by Ray Aley
Binary Code by Bruce Zimmerman
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