Anthropogenic Global Warming

21 Sep, 202301:21:44

Christians need to be pro-active in working to see others come to faith in Christ. In doing that we will also be once again laying the foundations for human flourishing, but also the flourishing of the planet because man is needed to look after it; that’s the way God designed it to be.

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Evidence by Raphael Costa
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Crime Investigation by Jason Donnelly
Good Chilling Vibe by Simon Jomphe Lepine
Space Odyssey by Simon Jomphe Lepine
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The Way It Was by Denis Kontenko
In My Hands by Enzo Orefice
Nuis Bleu by Lance Conrad
Grey Skies Can’t Decide by Lance Conrad
Cinematic Contemplation by Tencher Music
Circularity by Emanuele Dentoni
Omniverse by Emanuele Dentoni
Ascention by Lance Conrad
Cinematic Beautiful Lush Real Estate Love by Jeff Hanley
Home by Jason Donnelly
Ocean via Storyblocks (artist unavailable)
Ambient Cave by Lance Conrad
Ambient Resolution by Gushito (Kamil Guszczynski)
Executive Decision by via Storyblocks (artist unavailable)
The Nostalgic by Gushito (Kamil Guszczynski)
In This Together by Lance Conrad
Nineteen in March by Ruslan Takhaveev
Our Beautiful Planet by Valentina Gribanova

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