I’m Now a Tour Guide

21 Jul, 202009:40

“I would like to present a balanced view to our visitors.” As a Bible-believing creationist this will be tricky, especially concerning your relationship with those who are employing you. With a public commercial audience, it would not be a good idea to criticise evolution/millions of years and push creationist views.

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Original article: I'm Now a Tour Guide
Geological field trips
Geological excursion at Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland
The heritage trail at Siccar Point, Scotland
Valley of Fire, Nevada
Haleakala volcano on the Island of Maui, Hawaii
The origin of the Grand Canyon
The awesome wonder of Wilpena Pound, Australia
Stone Mountain, Georgia (USA)
The age of the Jenolan Caves, Australia
Unmasking a long-age icon
Geological strata: they’re everywhere
Granite formation: catastrophic in its suddenness
More evidence against so-called paleokarst
Mud experiments overturn long-held geological beliefs
Rapid cave formation by sulfuric acid dissolution
‘How do I do my assignment about evolution?’

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