Is Bible Project Biblical?

16 Nov, 202327:58

Bible Project has become increasingly popular in recent years. While the production value of their resources is high, we believe that there are some concerns that need to be addressed. What some perceive as minor differences among believers on Genesis has far-reaching implications.

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  • Ambient Technology Corporate Piano No Drum (via Storyblocks)
  • The Secret Place by Natalia Kolesnikova
  • Gateway to Heaven by Ilya Kaplan and Stan Fomin
  • The Nostalgic by Gushito (Kamil Guszczynski)
  • Nuis Bleu by Lance Conrad
  • Ambient Resolution by Gushito (Kamil Guszczynski)
  • Ambience Feeling by Szymon Szarpatowski
  • Room by Tom Goldstein
  • Cinematic Beautiful Lush Real Estate Love by Jeff Hanley
  • Beautifully by Denis Kotenko
  • Calm Modern Background Corporate by Volodymyr Piddubnyk
  • Murmuration by Lance Conrad
  • So Far So Close by Emanuele Dentoni
  • Dramatic Documentary Background by Vladyslav Krotov
  • Ambience by Chris Day

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