The Israelites: Forging of a Nation

31 Mar, 202223:59

The nation of Israel started out with a small number of children that were born to one man living among a large and mixed population that was, in turn, made more cohesive by matters of religion and language. Clearly, being an Israelite is not a statement about genetics.

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Jerusalem by Keith Anthony Holden
Tribal Journey by Dino Emilio Giancola
The Tune of Nature by Kamil Guszczynski
Introitus by Eliche Remblon by Michele Nobler
Cinematic Beautiful Lush Real Estate byJeff Hanley
World Beat With Middle Eastern Vocals by Velimir Andreev
Deep House With Middle Eastern Vibes by Jimmy Gunnarsson
Middle Easter Wizards Arabic Instrumental by Tunc Alicioglu
A Grain of Sand by Michele Nobler
Epic Middle Eastern Drama Cinematic Underscore by "Music Media Group" (
In My Heart by Sander Kalmeijer

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