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Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection (updated & expanded)
by Gary Bates

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Aliens, UFO's and the Bible DVD
by Gary Bates

US $6.50
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Alien Abductions and UFOs—Exposed! - Startling facts about this disturbing phenomenon (DVD)
by Gary Bates

US $13.00
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Close Encounters of the ‘Fourth Kind’ DVD
by Gary Bates

US $13.00
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Alien Life / UFO Questions and Answers

Key articles

Are we alone, or is there life elsewhere in the universe?

What about claims of microbial life found in space?

Did life come from outer space (panspermia)?

Have ETs made contact with humans? Are humans being abducted by aliens?

Has evolution influenced the search for ET life?

Science fiction: movie reviews, evolution influence

Does the Bible mention ETs? What should Christians think?

Is UFOlogy a religion?

What about ‘Life from Mars’ claims?

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