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Bones of Contention (Revised and Updated)

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Artistic Ape Anecdotes: The Art of Deception? DVD
by Dr Don Batten

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Apemen: ‘Missing Links’ & The Bible DVD
by Philip Bell

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The Evolution of Human Evolution DVD
by Dr Emil Silvestru

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Our main Q&A (FAQ) Page

Anthropology and Apemen Questions and Answers

Key articles

What does the human fossil record show?

Are scientists unbiased when they reconstruct ‘apeman’ fossils?

How intelligent were Neandertals and Homo erectus?

What do fossil and genetic evidence suggest about Neandertals?

What about other so-called evolutionary missing links?

How are humans unique?

What is the ‘mitochondrial Eve’ hypothesis? Does it suggest that all humans can be traced back to one woman?

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Origin of Life
Human Life
Races and racism

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