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The Genesis Flood: Fact or Fiction?
by Dr. Tas Walker

US $3.50
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Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe
by Steven A. Austin

US $20.00
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The Young Earth, Revised & Expanded
by John Morris

US $20.00
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Flood By Design
by Mike Oard

US $15.00
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Earth's Catastrophic Past (Two-Volume Set)
by Andrew A Snelling

US $60.00
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Biblical Geology: Properly Understanding the Rocks DVD
by Dr Tas Walker

US $13.00
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Our main Q&A (FAQ) Page

Noah’s Flood Questions and Answers

Key Articles

Was Noah’s Flood global or local?

What sort of damage would a global flood cause?

Is Noah’s flood feasible?

Was Noah’s Flood really just a local flood in the Black Sea area?

How do creation and global flood legends from different cultures compare to the biblical account?

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