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Your 2011 Creation Calendar

2011 Calender

Sorry, sold out in UK/Europe, Australia & Singapore.

(These countries can order from the US store if they wish.
Be aware that the shipping costs will be higher.)

Visit the spectacular harbour of Caesarea, the Roman ruins at Beth Shean and the rose-coloured façades at Petra.

Your calendar for 2011 takes you to across the ocean to the world of the Bible.

It’s available now.

Be enthralled month-by-month as historic ruins come alive. See how the archaeology and geology of Bible lands confirm the Bible.

2011 Calender

Fascinating! Inspiring! Spectacular!

  • Caesarea
  • Qumran Cave
  • Beth Shean
  • Garden Tomb
  • Petra
  • Megiddo
  • En Gedi
  • Pool of Siloam
  • Synagogue of Capernaum
  • Acropolis, Athens
  • Mount Tabor
  • Pyramids of Egypt
  • Jericho

Gaze across lush, green valleys that have been scenes of terrible battles. Enter cities that once stood in glorious splendor but are now destroyed and ruined.

Learn fascinating facts about each place. Discover new insights that the Bible reveals, including why they are significant and where to find more information.

Think too that this calendar is a great evangelistic tool. Give them to your friends and loved ones so they can be reminded of you and things eternal. Bulk discounts apply.

Be encouraged by promises from God’s Word that have stood the test of time.

The world of Bible lands points to our heavenly Father who loves us all and who gives strength and stability in a world that is constantly changing.

Order your 2011 Calendar today.

Only a limited number are available.

Order your copy through the store.

Available now.

Long before this site existed, many millions searched on the word “creation”. When they do that now they will get to know this site exists and read the evidence that God is Creator. Help reach millions. Support this site

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