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Earth, Our Incredible Home

Your 2014 Creation Calendar


Dazzling images of landscapes from across the globe can adorn your home and remind you of God’s power and love.

Month by month, be astounded by the incredible features of our earth that are just right—features that we don’t normally think about.

Learn how these remarkable sights confirm the truth of the Bible and point to amazing design.

Your calendar for 2014 is a feast of color and beauty.

It’s available now.

Fascinating! Inspiring! Spectacular! Informative!

  • How our moon is designed
  • Glorious Aurora Borealis protects us
  • Our sun suits our needs
  • Why we are just the right temperature
  • Our amazing atmosphere
  • Water is perfect for life
  • Stars track the seasons for us
  • Gravity keeps us all together
  • Plants provide our food
  • The continents provide a place to live
  • Our orbit is exactly right
  • Clouds keep us warm

Gaze across lush valleys, beautiful landscapes, and colourful sunsets. Learn fascinating facts about each aspect of our world. Discover new insights, including where to find more information.

Consider also that this calendar can be a great evangelistic tool. Give them to your friends and loved ones. They can be reminded of you and of things eternal. Bulk discounts apply.

Be encouraged by promises from God’s Word that have stood the test of time.

So many amazing design features about earth, our incredible home, show the wisdom and care of our heavenly Father who made the world, loves us all and gives strength and stability in time of constant change.

Order your 2014 Calendar today.

Only a limited number are available.

Order your copy through the store.

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