Dr Alejandro García Hernán


Alejandro is a Spanish PhD organic chemist with past training in both Germany and the UK. After obtaining his first degree in chemistry, he qualified as a secondary school teacher at the University of Alicante (Spain) in 1998. His PhD in Chemistry (Dr. rer. nat.) is from University of Jena (Germany).

In the UK he did post- doctoral studies at the Universities of Southampton and York and was a visiting researcher at the University of Leeds. Back in Spain, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, developing his career in the fields of drug discovery, intellectual property and regulatory affairs. Currently, he works for a plastics company in Catalonia.

Alejandro became a Christian while living in the UK, later becoming a convinced biblical creationist. He has also conducted part-time studies of theology at Castelldefels (Spain), has published and translated creation articles, given creation talks and been interviewed on TV and through podcasts.

Alejandro is widowed and has four children. He is an occasional guest speaker for CMI.

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