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grew up in the Newcastle area of New South Wales, Australia. He enjoyed science and avidly followed scientific documentaries. He was also involved in a local church for much of that time but did not learn that there was evidence for biblical creation until he was in his late twenties. He told his story recently at a public meeting when introducing the scheduled CMI speaker.

David Spannenberg

I attended public (i.e. government) school education and first heard about people evolving from ape-like creatures during science class in High School. I was also told that the embryos of various animals looked similar because they were all related by evolution, and that layers of rocks formed slowly over millions of years. I liked watching nature documentaries by David Attenborough on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and heard more about the evolution of people and animals from there. I just believed evolution was true because that is all I had ever heard.

It wasn’t until I was about 28 years old that I first heard any mention that there was evidence to back up creation and a young earth. It hadn’t occurred to me that there was a problem with believing in millions and billions of years of evolution.

But then I heard the testimony of a man from the church I was involved in. He was brought up in the church, went to Newcastle Uni to do a science degree, lost his faith in God and the Bible as a result of evolutionary teaching, and majored in evolutionary studies himself. But then someone challenged him with evidence of biblical creation to the point where he became a Christian. He now incorporates ‘creation science’ into his class instruction as a science teacher in a Christian school in Australia.

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From him I found out about Creation magazine and started to receive my own copies. Initially I was really ticked off [annoyed] with what I was reading. Not because it was bad but because it was good. Why hadn’t I been taught anything about this evidence for creation over the last 30 years of church attendance?

I got to the point of developing a passion for the topic and was really concerned about the future direction of the Christian church as a whole. I fasted and prayed for the church as a whole not to compromise on the topic of evolution versus creation.

At that time I read a book called The Young Earth by John D Morris which was really good at showing how geology and the Bible go together. As I read this material during those years the information gave me confidence in evangelising people as a tradesman at work from the solid Bible teaching at church, and creation resources.

Today, I receive emailed Infobytes [CMI’s free Email News] and regularly visit the Creation.com website which is full of interesting topics that continue to help build my faith in God and the Bible.

I have a passion for promoting Creation Ministries speakers in my home town because I love the church, the Word of God, and my fellow Christians. I desire my fellow Christians to be equipped with knowledge to maintain a position of truth in the face of the increasing pressure in our community these days to compromise, with all the moral implications that go with it.

Published: 30 July 2013

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