Another ‘creation evangelism’ testimony!

‘That’s it!’

On March 24th, we posted the wonderful testimony of Christian Huls, a Bible college student who shared with Web visitors how the creation/evolution issue helped him recognize his sinful condition and his need to receive Christ as his Savior.

After reading Christian’s thrilling testimony, another CMI supporter wrote to us with his story, which echoed Christian’s account. Marty Lininger of South Carolina, USA has given us permission to post his exciting testimony on this Web site…

Dear CMI,

I am very thankful for your ministry. I saw myself in a recent article you posted, from a young man named Christian. I was raised Catholic, and attended Catholic school from 4th through 8th grades.

When my 8th grade teacher, a nun, told us that we could accept evolution as long as we believed that God did it, I knew there was something wrong. Even though I was mostly ignorant of the Scriptures, I knew that Genesis and evolution were in direct opposition. What did I do? I gave in to the dark side. Evolution must be true, the scientists say so, and so does the pope. Therefore, I freed myself from Christianity and lived life without God.

Years later, my wife left me. In depression, I considered suicide. As I realized that I was actually going to do it, I desperately cried out ‘God help me!’ He was there! I felt His love and presence, and I knew immediately how wrong I was all my life.

Now with an inexplicable sense of joy in my heart, I started reading the Bible--for the first time ever. I prayed to the Lord: ‘God, I know your Word is true, but I also know that evolution is true; I know that they can’t both be true at once, please help me.’ A few days later, I was pointed to the local Christian radio station, when I heard the CMI feature with Ken Ham. I shouted, ‘That’s it!’ Now I have answers I can count on!

I subscribe to your magazine and I just got a box full of videos from you. I also hope to visit your museum some day, but as this reformed atheist is, Lord Willing, on his way to the mission field as a missionary carpenter for a Bible translation ministry, I may not be able to visit for several years.

Thank you for your work. God Bless you!

In Christ,

Marty Lininger
South Carolina, USA

Published: 9 April 2001

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